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911 Emergency Room



This brand new film tells of the emergency treatment of the injured that took place in and around the World Trade Center as the jets crashed and the towers fell on the morning of 9/11.Many lost their lives in the attacks, but there were also thousands of evacuating office workers and emergency responders who were burned, crushed, impaled, lacerated, blinded and traumatized.Many had life-threatening injuries. With access to new footage and testimony from those on the ground, 9/11: Emergency Room reveals how lives were saved.As the unfolding disaster effectively cut off downtown Manhattan from the rest of New York the tiny Downtown Hospital -more used to doing breast implants than major surgery -was faced with dozens of life and death operations.It also tells for the first time the story of the Dunkirk-style flotilla of boats that plied across the Hudson river to evacuate the seriously injured to safety.

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