A Spanish serial murderer, nicknamed the "playing card killer" because he left a card at the scene of his crimes, has received jail sentences totalling 142 years.
Former soldier Alfredo Galan was convicted of six murders and three attempted murders, court sources said on Wednesday.

Galan would greet his victims and ask them politely to kneel down before shooting them because "manners were the most important thing", Spanish newspaper El Mundo quoted a policeman as saying during his trial.

The former soldier, who appeared to pick his victims at random in public places, withdrew an initial confession in which he had said he carried out the murders to show how easy it was.

Officials said at the time of the murders in 2003 that one man, whose body was found with an ace card by it, had been killed with a blow to the head.

However, local media reported that Galan, whom psychiatrists described as a "human predator", shot all his victims at close range.

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