Dubai Art Documentary ' In May 2006 the international auction house Christies staged its first art auction in Dubai, totalling sales of $ 8.5 million. An auction that went beyond anyone's expectations. Since then all eyes are pointed at Dubai and its extraordinary boom in the international art market.

What is happening on Dubai Art scene and at what speed?

Throughout time, art has adopted different cities as its headquarters. New York today, Paris before and in an even more distant past Cordoba, the art market has travelled back and forth, flourishing each time in very different settings.

The auction in Dubai was the first ever to take place in the Middle East. Dubai, an Islamic but liberally so country, with plenty of cash to invest, has recently made international headlines for its rapid urban development, outlandish architectural projects, as well as decadent tourist attractions. Art seems to be the latest point on the agenda. Does Dubai have what it takes to become the world's next art hub?

There is an emerging activity of culture and art in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As Dubai becomes more popular for its well known attractions, new galleries such as Carbon 12 Dubai, art fairs, artists, art patrons and collectors have grown in number.

There are several international art fairs in Dubai. Art Dubai and Sikka Art Fair are notable. Art Dubai takes place every March at Madinat Jumeirah. As the first contemporary art fair in Dubai, the Fair has become a cornerstone for the rapidly growing art community of the Middle East. The 2009 fair hosted nearly seventy galleries from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, North and South America, North Africa and Australia. In addition, there was a strong programme of artists' projects including the launch of The Abraaj Group Art Prize and the critically acclaimed Global Art Forum:3.

Film Duration: 33 min