Amy Winehouse was a popular singer and songwriter, winner of 5 Grammy awards. She was successful with many musical styles like jazz, R&B and Jazz. Even though she was talented musician, she was just as well known for her health and drugs problems as her music. At July 23th 2011, aged 27, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment in London.Amy was most talented singers of this generation. She was the first ever British female singer to win 5 Grammies in one night. However, at the very top of her booming career, did Amy's way of living push her straight down a distressing path? In this documentary, Jacques Peretti looks on Amy's life inside; collection of broken hearts, divorcing of her parents, her love relationships...In addition, this documentary has some interviews with Amy's family members and friends. Jacques Peretti tries to explain how Amy absorbs every emotional feelings she had lived through and carry that bitterness into her music. Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse!...Some celebrities who have died drug-related deathscould have gotten help from a drugtreatment center specialized in drug addiction intervention if they only sought it.