There are countless mysteries and wonders within the world. The most baffling of which, can only be seen from the sky. These Magnificent geoglyphs have been etched onto the surface of our planet for thousands of years. Complex networks of ground markings such as the Nazca lines.. etched into the sands of Peru's southern desert. The Steppe Geoglyphs in Kazakhstan only discovered in 2007 on google earth. Revealing Approximately 260 Geoglyphs of geometric shapes, including squares, crosses, and circles ranging in size from 295 feet to more than 1,300 feet in length. The Sajama Lines of western Bolivia... Thousands of perfectly straight interjecting paths, etched into the ground and continuously worked on for more than 3,000 years. A network of paths covering an area of approximately 22,525 square kilometres, or 8,700 square miles. These mystifying shapes and designs give us a real glimpse into the ancient societies of our past. Yet with decades of research and examination, published historians are still unable to explain any logical reasoning or purpose for this reoccurring phenomena.With his open minded approach and ancient alien philosophy - Erich Von Daniken believes the simple answer to be that the geoglyphs are messages to the sky gods. An advanced race of extra terrestrials, As described in many ancient religions as superior beings or being from outside of this world, a non human entity appearing from the skies”