Assault from the air didn"t begin with the era of the airplane. Take a look back at early methods of airborne attack. The kite bomb was a medieval siege weapon that dropped bombs from a kite over cities.

ANCIENT DISCOVERIES builds one and tests it with startling new insights and success. Ancient bouncing bombs that actually skipped across water – the forerunners of the famous Dam Buster projectiles – terrorized shipping in Turkey in 1453.

Learn the secrets of ancient China"s whistling arrows – used by commanders to direct the flow of a battle. Investigate the world"s earliest rocket-powered explosive missile from the ancient battlefields of China.

Finally, in one of the most dramatic tests ever conducted in this series, ANCIENT DISCOVERIES builds the earliest known successful parachute and drops a skydiver from 6,000 feet.

ANCIENT DISCOVERIES explores ancient inventions and engineering that were previously believed to have been created only in modern times, such as planes, cars, robots and other machines. Experts and archaeological digs continue to reveal new evidence into these inventions, which will be reconstructed.

Film Duration: 42 min