Throughout the far east, there are legends of martial artists who can explode the body's organs, with a single touch. Weapons, far more lethal than anything produced in the west. The truth is nearly as astounding as fiction.

Investigation into the oldest weapon known - the staff. Speed and comparison test between a staff and a shotgun with startling results.

Investigation into ermei - see.... The deadly Chinese underwater attack weapon. Investigation into the meteor hammer,the ball on the end of a rope - tests against which is more powerful, this weapon or a punch. Investigation into the death touch - the ability of chi warriors to kill a man with a single touch.

Investigation into the ability of eastern warriors to withstand impact and pain including smashing concrete on live human heads and hitting a practitioner in the stomach with a jack-hammer.

Investigation into the Gi - part spear, part sword, part pike, part axe - all in one.

Investigation into the concealed crossbows of ancient china - used for assassination; some strapped to the assassins back, others small enough to fit up your sleeve.

Including firing specially made replicas.

Film Duration: 44 min