The Egyptians left a remarkable legacy. Their monuments and great works of art still astound us today. Yet this film will reveal another surprising aspect of Egyptian life. Their weapons of war and their lethalness on the battlefield. Archaeologists have found evidence of some of the most incredible ancient battles ever fought. Changing much of what we thought we knew about the ancients. This is the story of the battle for supremacy of the super-powers of the ancient world.

Our common perception of the Egyptians is of a cultured civilization. An educated people who worshipped their gods and rose to great heights of sophistication. Yet there is facinating evidence which reveals they were also a warfaring people who developed advanced weapon-making techniques, including flexible body armour, deadly axes and swords. Some of these weapons were to be used for the very first time in history, and some of the battles they fought were on a truly massive scale.

Film Duration: 44 min