Historically, it has been told in this National Geographic documentary film that, the city of Angkor was home to about 1 million people. The ancients built the magnificent masterpieces after some intense episodes of violence. They were so determined to build the heaven on the earth. The temple of the Angkor Wat survived the previous violence along with the modern invasions as well. It has also been told in the documentary film that this ancient and one of the most greatest temples on the planet once used to be a Hindu Temple but later on it began to be considered as the most spectacular temple in entire Cambodia and the world. It is the masterpiece for the Modern age.

Name wise Angkor means city and Wat stands for temple. Its engineering is considered as one of the most honorable assets from the ancient history. This enormous temple covers the area that could have been covered by more than 100,000 aircrafts. The centre of the buildings heightens up to twice the size of the London tower. Angkor Wat is also respected across the globe for the fact that it is supported by the water lying underneath it. From the inside this place is extremely Mysterious and captivating that has ample amount of statues and variable cravings on the walls.

The cravings represent the King of ancient time, called Suryavarman who was a muscular man and a military leader. According to the archaeologists he built this mesmerizing temple for his own insecurities.

Film Duration: 47 min