The Aborigine culture is said to harbor the oldest continuous line of human wisdom on earth. Enshrined in oral traditions stretching back an estimated 100000 years the Aborigines possess powerful secrets which are memorized by initiates but strictly forbidden to outsiders. In this compelling program discover the story behind the Aborigine "dreamtime"--a philosophy that appears to bind the past present and future into one and in turn impart great power on this deeply spiritual people. Can their doctors perform surgery without entering the body? And is it possible that their chants and rituals can bring fertility to a land health to the sick and death to their enemies? Join host Leonard Nimoy as he takes a spellbinding journey into the mysteries of this ancient culture. Incredible evidence revealing interviews and stunning footage of Aborigine life in their beautiful harsh land make DREAMTIME OF THE ABORIGINES a memorable investigation into the rich history of one of the world's most enigmatic people.

Film Duration: 45 min