A short documentary on one night at the Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation event at the Colonial Theatre in Sacramento, California.

After having received permission to document the backstage goings-on of the EMWF, the BlankBlank crew were ready to document what goes on before, during, and after the show, how the wrestlers feel about their work, crowd reactions, and so on; however, at the last minute the plug was pulled and we were no longer allowed to film. We showed up and filmed anyway (with the consent of booking), as covertly as possible.

While BlankBlank Films respects the rights of the EMWF to use the word midget, the use of the word "midget" does not represent the views of the filmmakers. Those watching should remain mindful that the word midget is seen as a dehumanizing pejorative by many, and that "little people" is the widely accepted appropriate term.

Film Duration: 17 min