This Documentary shows the history of World War II operations in the Pacific, from the fall of Corregidor to Japanese surrender ceremonies in Tokyo Bay. The film concentrates on the Allied campaign against the Japanese in the Philippines of 1944-1945. The video contains captured Japanese films as well.
It's the story of four years of Pacific war detailing the history of the defeat of Japan. The path traces across the Pacific from Corregidor in 1942, General Wainwright's surrender, the Death March, Australia in peril, the turning points of Naval victory in the Coral Sea, land victory at Guadalcanal, and air victory over a giant Japanese convoy in the Bismarck Sea. Vast armies are marshalled in the Philippines as the Marines take Iwo Jima, and combined Army, Navy and Marine forces take Okinawa.

Appointment in Tokyo (1945)

Film Duration: 00:54