1941. Short doc. From Stonehenge to the reinforced concrete constructions of the 20th Century, 'Architects of England' takes us on a tour of Britain's architecture throughout the ages.

'To-day, Britain's architects are using steel, concrete and glass in new and interesting methods of building. Hundreds of years ago Saxon and Norman church builders used stone. As English masons grew more skilled in its use, they grew more venturesome in building, eventually creating the peerless 'Early-English' style. Builders of Tudor and Elizabethan houses made extensive use of brick. Inigo Jones and Christopher Wren employed foreign styles of building with English materials, such as Portland stone, red bricks, and slate. In the eighteenth century plaster was widely used. Modern architects have a far wider choice of materials and use them with skill and ingenuity.'

Film Duration: 12 min