Ten years ago (1994 from date of talking), a Pentecostal pastor from SanFrancisco was praying on a mountain top when he received a vision from God tospread the Gospel through filmmaking. Using donations from his congregation, heslowly transformed his church into a fully functioning movie studio, and theproduction company Christian WYSIWYG Filmworks was born.After experimenting on a number of small projects, Pastor Richard Gazowskyannounced that he and his WYSIWYG crew were going to make a film entitled,Gravity, the Shadow of Joseph, a biblical science fiction movie that wouldredefine the Hollywood epic.Audience of One is a documentary that chronicles the making of Gravity. Thisverite style film goes inside a Pentecostal church, where the charismaticGazowsky leads his loyal cast and crew on an incredible journey that tests thelimits of faith.From pre-production at their church, to shooting principal photography inItaly, to leasing an enormous studio on an island in the San Francisco Bay,Audience of One keeps pace with an embattled church production who look to Godin order to keep their dream alive. Full of humor and pathos, what transpiresis a story of obsession, faith and delusion.