Travel deep into the desert, to the border between utah and arizona and you will find a hidden world within modern america. No internet. No television. No contact with the outside world. For over a century, this has been home to the fundamentalist latter day saints or "flds" church.

Behind a facade of normalcy there lies something you can't see. Every aspect of this family's life. Who they marry, what they wear, even what they eat is controlled by the man they call their prophet, warren jeffs. Obey the prophet when he speaks and you'll be blessed. Disobey him, it is death. Warren jeffs is no longer living in this community, but he still controls his people. But details about abuse women suffered inside the church compound. Reporter: Jeffs had over 80 wives. But he was sentenced to life in prison for the sexual assault of underage girls. Explosive audiotapes of jeffs and his young wives talking during their sexual encounters were played during his trial.

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