Just one of many British terrorist groups involved in the conflict in Ireland. Condemning people as "terrorists" which committing terrorist crimes themselves. Hypocrisy at it's highest form. Murdering innocent civilians.

BBC One's Panorama programme interviews a former soldier who admits to firing on unarmed IRA suspects during the troubles.

Members of an Army unit dubbed Britain's secret terror force have admitted breaking the law by firing on unarmed IRA suspects in west Belfast.
The Military Reaction Force (MRF) also carried out drive-by shootings of nationalists 40 years ago, even though there was no independent evidence any of them were members of the republican group, a new television documentary has claimed.
The elite soldiers believed military regulations prohibiting firing unless their lives were in immediate danger did not apply to them.

One told the BBC's Panorama programme: "We were not there to act like an Army unit, we were there to act like a terror group.

"We were there in a position to go after IRA and kill them when we found them."

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