Constantine: The Christian Roman Emperor | BBC History Documentary

In Rome the tyrannical Maxentius consults the gods Jupiter, Apollo and Mars to be told that, the enemy of Rome will be defeated, while outside the city Lactantius tries to convince Constantine to convert to Christianity. Constantine initially dismisses Lycantius but after seeing what appears to be a sign from the Christian god on the eve of the attack, he follows Lycantis' advice to adopt a Christian symbol. The two forces clash at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge where Maxentius is drowned in the Tiber as the bridge collapses and a victorious Constantine rides into Rome under the Christian symbol.

Constantine creates an alliance by marrying his sister Constantia to the Eastern Emperor Licinius and the two issue the Edict of Milan as a joint decree of religious tolerance. Constantine's rejection of the Pagan gods and funding of St. Peter's Church turns Licinius and the Senate against him. Senator Bassianus' failed assassination attempt on Constantine ignites a holy war between the eastern and the western empires. Constantine defeats his opponent at the Battle of Chrysopolis and the empire is united under one Christian god at the Council of Nicea.

Film Duration: 59 min