Courageous Learning, a captivating 30-minute documentary, features insights from the nation"s foremost continuing education and workforce development experts and profiles a nation challenged to rethink its approach to higher education in the face of vast economic change. There are more than 93 million Americans in the workforce today without a degree. Their standard of living is falling and their earnings gap is increasing. These adults missed their chance to go to college — or never finished a degree program.

A new documentary, Courageous Learning, produced by Excelsior College, follows the lives of three adult students: Shawn, Joe, and Angeline - a veteran, a single dad, and a nurse - as they face obstacles in the pursuit of higher education. Experts, including leaders from academia, think tanks, government, and nonprofits, provide a guide to the landscape of post-secondary education in the 21st century — and reveal it as terrain that too few travel.

Film Duration: 28 min