Lions thrive near Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater. In the early dawn a solitary lion crosses one of Africa's most beautiful national parks. The Ngorongoro crater of Tanzania, shelters some of the most spectacular natural wonders on earth. Over two and a half million years ago a great volcano erupted. When the dust finally settled all that remained was a giant bowl twelve miles across, surrounded by a rim rising 2000 feet above the crater floor. During the wet season, abundant rainwater flows down the walls of the crater to form a lake where flamingos return to feed by the thousands. The water from the rain season supplies an ample amount of grass, which for most of the year supports a population of up to 25,000 large animals. Herds of wilder beast, water buffalo, elephants, rhinoceros, and hippopotamus. The abundance of grazing animals provides stable food for carnivores of the crater - jackal, hyenas, cheetah and - lions.