2012. Eng subtitled. Today, the official version of Romanian history is being questioned: are we truly the descendants of Rome? The historical sources we have access to, as well as paleogenetic research tell us that the Romanization process did not take place and that the thesis on the origins of the Romanian people has no scientific foundation. The Romans only conquered a small portion of Dacia and remained here for only 150 years, and the ethnic component of the Roman military and colonists was not predominantly Italic. As further proof, the research in paleogenetics conducted a few years ago in Hamburg, Germany in order to determine the origins of the Romanian people indicates, among other things, that we are not genetically related to the Italians... Therefore, both elementary logic and material proof reject the official version of our history, and the documentary film "Dacians - Unsettling Truths" brings arguments capable to demolish all that we know.

Film Duration: 52 min