Alain Robert is known to the world as The Human Spider and is arguably the most daring climber the world has ever seen.This film follows Alain over two years, bringing his story up to date with new, behind-the-scenes footage revealing his assault upon the one building that has eluded him time and again, the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. Watch Alain as he takes on the 88-storey edifice with just his bare hands, some chalk dust, and an awful lot of nerve.Alain's attempts to free climb up the outside of some of the world's tallest buildings and structures without any safety equipment have earned him a reputation as one of the world's greatest Daredevils.Despite suffering from epilepsy and admitting to a fear of heights, Alain Robert has made headlines around the world with his unbelievable feats of daring. The 47-year-old husband and father-of-three has scaled skyscrapers such as the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, Berlin's Debis Tower, and the Federation Tower in Moscow, Europe's tallest building.This heart-stopping documentary also features revealing interviews with Alain's family in an attempt to understand what motivates him to repeatedly risk his life. (playlist -48 minutes)