FBI Profiler Candice DeLong counts down the 10 Deadliest Women. The special features clips from these deadly women's segments as they went along. The results were as follows -- 10. Myra Hindley, 9. Caril Fugate, 8. Lisa Montgomery, 7. Christa Pike, 6. Sarah Makin, 5. Betty Lou Beets, 4. Rosemary West, 3. Griselda Blanco, 2. J.R., and 1. Gertrude Baniszewski. Throughout history, some women have committed horrific crimes, ones that shock society to its very core. From the murders of their own innocent children, to chillingly cold-blooded serial crimes, these women have truly given in to the very worst aspects of themselves – and of human nature.

Film Duration: 89 min