Every President of the United States takes an oath to preserve, protect and defend the nation they serve. When bold leaders risk all to do what they see as right, their choices can change history. These are the DECISIONS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD. In this acclaimed 3-part series, go inside The Oval Office as three Presidents struggle with the decisions that would alter our world forever: Lyndon Johnson's daring choice to champion Civil Rights legislation; Ronald Reagan's defiant commitment to the "Star Wars" missile defense system; and Franklin D. Roosevelt's courageous plan to arm Britain prior to U.S. involvement in World War II. Through rare film footage, interviews and insights by historian Michael Beschloss, Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, journalists Walter Cronkite and Andy Rooney, political insiders Vernon Jordan, George Schultz and many more, discover the contexts, conflicts and legacies behind the most crucial turning points of the 20th Century.