At one time you were a tiny invisible cell. This cell divided, multiplied and became a piece of flesh. Later it became a seeing and feeling human being. You grew... Every year you had a new face... Have you ever considered what a great miracle this is? Or have you never thought that Everything in the universe has been created according to a certain measure and there is a flawless balance in all things; Or that the earth you are now walking on is moving at a speed of 1,670 kilometers an hour? Have you ever considered... How the various plants that grace the earth were created? How fruit emerged from the muddy soil with its tastes, smells and colors so pleasing to human beings? How the skins of fruits are actually a wonderful wrapping...? Have you ever thought That an approaching natural disaster could devastate your city and destroy your home in a moment and that you could lose your every possession in a few seconds? Have you ever thought that... Your life is passing very quickly, that one day you will grow old and weak and lose your health and good looks? And don't know when it will come but, like every one else, it will also come to you? God has created the human capacity for thought. All these things are only a few of the facts that human beings have to think about.

THE HUMAN CAPACITY FOR THOUGHT Everyone has the capacity for thought, but may not be aware of it. When a person starts to use this capacity he begins to see things he had never noticed before. God has created everything we see for a specific purpose and has invited human beings to think about them. In one verse, He says: In the creation of the heavens and earth, and the alternation of the night and day, and the ships which sail the seas to people's benefit, and the water which God sends down from the sky - by which He brings the earth to life when it was dead and scatters about in it creatures of every kind - and the varying direction of the winds, and the clouds subservient between heaven and earth, there are Signs for people who use their intellect. (Qur'an, 2: 164)

An individual who considers the creation of the world and the endless universe will better understand the splendor and flawless balance in that universe. Human beings live on a tiny globe suspended in the endless vacuum of space. And this globe is exposed to dangers that may come from space at any moment. And there is nothing a human being can do to prevent these dangers. For example, meteorites weighing millions of tons are wandering around in space.

Any one of them can collide with the world and threaten the survival of living things.

Another source of danger that threatens the world are explosions on the sun. These explosions can increase and the amount of dangerous rays reaching the earth can intensify. There are several threats to human life, not only from the heavens but also from the earth.

A little below the earth's crust, there is a very hot belt of fire that we call magma. And the earth's crust is very thin. For this reason, a volcano can erupt at any moment and the lava can pour to the surface.

Or a crack in the earth's crust can cause an intense earthquake........... A human being must never forget that he lives with these kinds of dangers at every moment.

Our world is protected from these possible threats by very delicate balances. An individual who thinks about these things understands that all creatures live on the earth by God's will and thanks to the flawless balance that He has created.

THE LOCATION OF THE EARTH IN THE UNIVERSE The vacuum of space is different from the kind of life we are used to. At this moment, 560 million kilometers above the place where you are sitting, there are radiation storms moving at a speed of 100,000 kilometers an hour caused by explosions on the sun.

In space, the temperature is a freezing -273 degrees. The awesome temperature inside the stars reaches millions of degrees. Giant meteorites go hurling at great speeds through the emptiness of space. Now think of your own position in this endless emptiness of space...

To imagine this, let's first compare the concept of distances on earth to that of distances in the universe. In the universe, the distance between the closest stars is 30 trillion kilometers. Of all the stars that twinkle in the sky, the closest one to you is 500 trillion kilometers away.

Now, let's look at our position within our galaxy. There are some 250 billion stars in the Milky Way. Our sun is only one of these. Nine planets revolve in great harmony around the sun. This whole system is the "Solar System".

Within this solar system that encompasses 12 billion square kilometers, our earth occupies a very small place.

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