e2 is a groundbreaking new range of documentary series which systematically examines the environmental viability of all aspects of modern living. Whether it is where we live and play, what we eat and drink, how we travel, the air we breathe or how we clothe ourselves, e2 showcases the solutions and the inventive, innovative leaders implementing them.

Narrated by Brad Pitt, Design: e2 explores the complex social, political, cultural, environmental and economic issues of sustainable architecture. Traversing the globe, the series chronicles important and exciting stories of green architecture made reality, in New York, Chicago, China and rural Mexico.

The Green Apple. David Owen, a writer for The New Yorker, discusses the complex issues of sustainability as they relate to urban and suburban life. "Green Manhattan," an article that Owen wrote for The New Yorker about the city's inherent sustainability, was a major inspiration for the e2 series.

Green for All. Learn more about the inspirational architect Sergio Palleroni, who is introducing sustainability to poor and underdeveloped communities around the world. Palleroni is a professor at The University of Texas-Austin.

The Green Machine. Thirty years ago in Freiburg, Germany, the "green movement" was born. Today, the city serves as a model of environmental consciousness for architects, planners, and even politicians. Its successes inspired Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, who has supported many environmental initiatives in his city.

Gray to Green.
A closer look at how much energy is used and how much pollution is created by construction. The impact on our environment is staggering.

China: From Red to Green?
Tad Fettig, the director and co-creator of the e2 series, shares his perspectives on filming in China as this sleeping giant of industry, technology and consumer demand awakens in the 21st century.

Deeper Shades of Green.
Meet maverick designer Cameron Sinclair, whose "design like you give a damn" credo was an inspiration for the e2 series.