Chloe is 20 years old. A brilliant law student, she has everything she needs to succeed. But it weighs only 35 kilos for 1.70 meters. She can stay whole days without swallowing any mouthful. Her hell is anorexia: "This disease is a beast that entered me 3 years ago and I can not get rid of it!" Anorexia is one of the most serious psychic diseases of adolescence, a disease that can lead to death. Chloe decided to get rid of it by telling herself in front of the camera. Over the weeks, the journalist followed her in her daily life, her crises, her small victories and her great suffering ... But Chloe is also bulimic: when she feeds, she swallows a huge amount of food. But the "force-feeding" turns into a nightmare: after her seizures, she is made to vomit. Exhausted body, broken morale, permanent fight: Chloe is totally defeated by anorexia. She does not know how it happened, or why, but she wants to testify, to show her illness. Without taboo, but with modesty. For her ordeal to serve as an example for other teenagers.