It is hard to believe that a Doomsday movie 2012 can be so moving and inspirational, because of the music and professionally done editing. For me it is best picture Documentary. This is one of the few films that can inspire just me from the picture, music and the smart scripts used to make the film. While obviously this History Channel has the sufficient slickness to be shown in movie theaters, it was only made for television documentary. Getting these I guess people have to obtain from the History Channel Website, Torrent, or even Youtube. I can't watch youtube because it is censored in my country, so obviously I have to get it somehow. The major weakness is that it relies a bit too much on "oracles" and prophets, but then this IS history channel. There IS an exception when they mentioned using Web-Bot to predict the future. However, this movie makes excellent companion movie as a follow up through The Lost Books of Nostradamus, which explains more in detail about why the Dark Rift Exists as the Pole Shifts, 13th zodiac when the solar system crosses the Milky Way equatorial region, already Uranus and Neptune has 60 degree changes in polar shift and Earth is next as it approaches 21 December 2012. Very interesting watch for those 2012 fans, another one I think is worth watching is Project Horizon Episode 1, but for those faint of heart, than it's 2012 Odyssey, or those who are more factual, then a 6+ Hour movie from Michael Tsarion's 2012 documentary. while Ed Dames' Killshot is somewhat flaky because he keeps making wrong predictions. Otherwise this History Channel movie is the best in a long line of 2012 Doomsday movie, a good follow up will always be the Lost Book of Nostradamus. Watching these two, I find 2012 Doomsday to be exciting and entertaining to watch, not exactly that I would LIKE such dire earthquake and flood to occur but that's another story altogether. from IMBD