What is a dust storm? What causes a dust storm? In the United States and the Middle East, dust storm and high alert weather warnings are often issued.Dust and wind can be a deadly combination. Wind blows up to five billion tons of dust and sand around the earth each year, sometimes over a mile high: 'Dust Storm' looks at the growing threat created by this increasingly common weather phenomenon, which threatens both the environment and human health. Governments are working feverishly on early high alert weather warning systems and measures to protect their citizens from these storms and the dust. The Middle East, with its vast areas of desert, is particularly prone to dust and sandstorms. But the dust phenomenon is also becoming increasingly common in the States, Europe and Asia. The documentary explores the causes of dust storms and shows why they are becoming stronger and more frequent in certain areas. Climate change in particular plays a major role in these storms. Scientists and politicians have been working closely together for a long time to protect people and infrastructure from the sometimes lethal combination of dust and wind. Dust poses an extreme health risk, and the only real protection is to seek cover during the storms. But early warning dust storm systems don’t always sound the alarm in time when dust is on its way. This documentary shows what protective measures can already be taken today and which ones experts are now working on to combat the problem of dust.