On Thanksgiving Day, 2011, Mary Eve Thorson stood in front of a moving semi-truck and ended her life. What happened to cause a gifted and well-loved teacher to commit such a public and brutal act? This documentary will focus on the chain of events which led to Mary's death, and provoked teachers in District 169 and throughout the state of Illinois, to speak out in horror and shame. A Documentary Film, by Myra Richardson.

Please! If you are a teacher living in FEAR, please watch! If you know of ANY highly stressed teacher, please share! It is estimated that 80-85% of ALL elementary and high school teachers in the USA FORCE teachers to cheat, causing teachers to commit suicide! Administrators! Stop the unethical behavior! It is the students and teachers who suffer from your greed to obtain more "federal funding" by inflating test scores! Teachers in schools must come together and address the scandal collectively. STAND UP! AWAKE!

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Film Duration: 02:25