A mockumentary hosted by Dr. Francis B. Gross, a coroner. He is trying to show you the different faces of people while dying.

There are faked scenes of people getting killed intermixed with footage of real accidents. There are executions by decapitation (in an Arab country) and the electric chair.

One scene shows a group of tourists in Egypt smashing a monkey's head while still alive and eating its brains. There are shots of animals eating people and satanic orgies using dead bodies.

There is a segment that deals with an alligator that accidentally entered residential waters. The local warden goes in his boat to get the crocodile back into the sea when he accidentally falls over and becomes gator bait.

Unfortunately medical science cannot always have success the moment death occurs, my expertise is called for.

When this organ ceased to function the result was death, the one reality we cannot avoid.

I'm Doctor Frances Gross, I work as a nephrologist and over the pass 20 years, I have compiled a library of the many Faces of Death. My travels have taken me all over the world, searching for the various situations that are dealt with our ultimate end.

We have developed a world that refuses to recognize our own destiny. Many years ago,i was plagued with an occurring dream, There were only two faces that I could recognize, a young women and a priest. Everything was quite and the funeral seemed endless. I had no reason for this dream, it resembled nothing I had experienced within my life time, Just the constant images of death. existing with a silence that would not respond to my questions. I knew that this dream marked a beginning, The beginning of a journey that would take me around the world and in search of an understanding of death.