Farmers' Markets: Love at First Bite - a 26-minute family documentary - provides a glimpse into what makes farmers' markets such a treat - they're fun, they're healthy and best of all they're full of fresh, local produce from the people who grow the food. The film highlights one of the most successful markets in the country - the Davis (CA) Farmers' Market. With food safety of growing concern, knowing and trusting the people who grow your food becomes critical to your health and the health of your family. Plus, shopping at farmers' markets keeps the money circulating in the local food shed. Farmers are able to get full retail for their produce and consumers are able to support regional food systems - requirements for sustainability. But the biggest attraction for consumers and growers alike is the community aspect - the social aspect - of shopping and visiting farmers' markets. Once a week, you can say hi to your neighbors and greet your friends. Everyone is discovering the rich, enjoyable experience that is Farmers' Markets.

Film Duration: 26 min .