1941. Short doc. A colourful look at the various types of gardens to be found in England, a nation of gardeners.

This film was digitised from the only known physical copy of the film. Thought lost, it was located by TIME/IMAGE in the New Zealand Film Archive, from where it was repatriated by the British Film Institute.

The line "Annihilating all that's made, To a green Thought in a green Shade" at the 5-minute mark is taken from the famous 17th century poem 'The Garden' by Andrew Marvell, who also wrote 'To His Coy Mistress'.

This film was made at the same time, and by the same people, as World Garden. The title cards are even in the same style, though Alvar Lidell's name is misspelt.

This film has been made available by the British Council Film Collection for non-commercial research and educational purposes . The British Council Film Collection consists of 120 short documentaries made by the British Council during the 1940s designed to show the world how Britain lived, worked and played.

Film Duration: 9 min