Be it in ancient mythologies in cultures around the world, in religion, and even in literature, there are descriptions of how hell looks like. Regardless the descriptions, all bear similarities of how humans are to be received in the underworld after they die. It is always never pretty.

But what is it about the idea of hell which still spooks people even in the modern times? One reason could be that in ancient mythologies in various cultures around the world and even in religion, there is actually a passage to the underworld for the damned, and for religion, serving as a warning to the non-believers. The documentary went to caves and volcanoes in Nicaragua, Belize, Greece, Iceland, Ireland and Ethiopia which had been described since across time. Like in Iceland, it is the infamous volcano Hekla which was called 'Gateway to Hell' in the Middle Ages which since after the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in 2010 which had paralysed air travel across Europe for a period of time, raising the prospect of an eruption from Hekla which could reach a level much more worse than what happened in 2010.

Film Duration: 87 min