Millions of people know about the problems in Afghanistan, but no one knows the real solution. In this compelling new film, award winning director, Jasmin Kozowy, shines a spotlight on the untold story of the education system in Afghanistan. Triumphant and heartbreaking in equal measures, this film is a tribute to the unsung voices of those who are fighting for a brighter future. Generation A captures these individuals through their reflections of the conflicts, sacrifices and rewards of dedicating their lives to education. These everyday heroes span a range of different backgrounds; from teachers in refugee camps, university professors working in local colleges and NGO peace workers with their boots in the mud. Each share their unique personal story about devoting their lives fighting for Afghanistan with the weapon of education. Generation A features rare archival footage and captures intimate interviews with presidential candidate Ramazan Bashardost and Stanford law professor Eric Jenson to name a few. These acclaimed academics and political figures take a backseat to the spectrum of every day Afghans fighting for their country through education.