A wind park needs to get from Europe to Asia. Over two thousand tons of highly sensitive and valuable cargo. On one of the world’s largest heavy lift vessels. The team has only 37 days for loading in two ports and travelling once around half of the globe. To be able to transport the entire cargo, the crew even has to build another level altogether in the middle of the deck. It’ll be an ongoing battle for five straight weeks. Against time. And against weather. The load: Five gigantic nacelles, each as heavy as a Boeing 747 and nine 75-meter-long blades. All these wind park components have been specially designed to fit together and can only be replaced with a huge effort. Any damage to the cladding or the electronics could delay construction of the whole wind park project by months. The loading process is extremely complicate and has been developed especially for this transport! So no one has any experience with it. The crew has to trust the plans of the engineers. And they don’t have ANY margin of error. Just a couple centimeters too far to the left or right would mean: everything out again. A project never before undertaken anywhere in the world. And no one knows if the risky plan will prove successful in the end. A mega transport in the superlative. Over two thousand two hundred tons of cargo on three levels. Below deck, on deck, and above deck.