In February 2009, four anti-global-warming activists, including the former head of Greenpeace UK and a member of the British Green Party, spark a debate with the publication of a column in the serious British daily newspaper The Independent. The headline is unequivocal: Nuclear Power? Yes please!. What are the reasons of this ideological change of mind? Faced with global warming, renewable energies won't suffice to save us. Against all expectations, nuclear power appears to be a miracle solution to lower CO2 emissions… Since the 70s, it has been the absolute nemesis of green movements. But today nuclear power gets all the merits... So finally, is nuclear green? Europe renders a definitive judgment: nuclear is back! Italy, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, a growing number of European countries today considers relaunching the civilian nuclear program. Even more astonishing: Sweden which had banned the construction of new reactors on its territory since a referendum in 1980! 23 years after the Chernobyl disaster, the specter of the worst ecocatastrophes seems to be pushed into the background. And the glorious nuclear days have finally come… For better or for worse? Without taking side and with the determination to talk openly about the issue, this investigation goes from the political arena to the research labs.

Film Duration: 48 min