Chart a course for discovery in this fascinating look at the simple, sturdy and legendary ships that helped make the Vikings the most influential people of the dark ages.

Their design was elegant in its simplicity - a long open boat with a single square sail and a row of oars on each side. But decorated with fearsome prows and sternposts resembling dragons and filled with some of the most dreaded warriors of all time, they were among the most important ships in history.

THE VIKING SHIPS traces the saga of exploration and conquest that marked the age of the Norsemen and their fabled ships. Visit world-famous museums in Oslo and Denmark for an up-close look at these ancient boats. Discover how the Vikings used their rugged ships to spread their influence as far away as the New World, and experience the terror of a Viking raid through dramatic re-enactments and period accounts. From the pages of legend to a short trip to sea aboard a modern reconstruction, this is the ultimate look at one of the most fabled vessels of all time.

Film Duration: 46 min