Depicts the entire life of Herman Mudgett, AKA Holmes, and his castle of horrors.

Also known as the torture doctor, Holmes designed his own building, complete with torture chambers, where he rented rooms to unsuspecting victims visiting the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago.

Focuses on Dr. Holmes' entire life of crime and villainy (1861-1896).

Threaded with on-location footage from Holmes' past haunts, such as his childhood home in New Hampshire and the Philadelphia courtroom where his trial was held.

In 1995 a New Jersey collector bought a batch of a 100 year old wax cylinder recordings. When he played them he heard more than the tunes he'd bargained for, one recording was of a man admitting to multiple murder.

The confessions were made by a doctor, H.H. Holmes days before he was hanged. The voice was a new clue into one of the most astonishing sets of homicides in criminal history. In 1890 Holmes turned his hotel into a production line of murder.

Now his first words year of the 21 century's top serial killer hunters, on a journey to depravity. As two sisters discover their families terrible secret, 200 may have died at the hands of America's first serial killer.