Documentary about the "White Aryan Resistance" & the "Hammerskins".The slaying of two anti-racist skinheads in the scrub outside Las Vegas shines a revealing light on the insidious, widespread neo-Nazi movement. Discover the rich and bloody history of gangs in America, from the Colonies to the present. THE HISTORY CHANNEL ventures deep into uncharted regions of the criminal underworld. Lured to the desert and gunned down, two men fall victims to racist skinheads. GANGLAND boldly shines a light on the darkest corners of America, where criminals live by their own laws and brutality reigns. Literally billions of dollars, and tens of thousands of lives, pass through the vast gang network, which effectively forms a shadow economy rivaling a small nation's. Unprecedented access to the inner workings of America's most feared gangs, coupled with incisive historical analysis and conversations with law enforcement specialists, paints the most accurate and compelling portrait of GANGLAND on television. You can't get closer to the truth of America's gangs without getting "jumped-in!" Widespread in America's prisons, infecting every stratum of society, overtly racist hate groups form a dangerous and elusive underground. GANGLAND gains insight into this loosely structured, insidious HATE NATION through this riveting investigation of the 1998 slaying of two Las Vegas "anti-racist skinheads." Dan Shersty and Lin "Spit" Newborn, popular members of Vegas' Anti-Racist Action, thought they were meeting some girls for a party. They didn't realize it was a trap set by John "Polar Bear" Butler, the leader of the local Independent Nazi Skins, a radical racist faction. When the shotgun blasts shattered the desert air, two lives were lost, a community was shattered and America woke up to the threat of neo-Nazis.

Film Duration: 44 min .