The Polynesians who arrived here 1,000 years ago believed the islands harboured Mana or the spirits of life and today, spirits are still said to be everywhere in Hawaii. They are thought to have incredible power, controlling both nature and human life, and must be respected to avoid violent, inexorable wrath.

Allegedly home to a volcano goddess, the ghosts of fierce native warriors, and spirits that attack their victims in the dead of night, Hawaii is a place steeped in both the natural and supernatural. HAUNTED HISTORY ventures deep into the ghostly lore of the Hawaiian Islands to reveal a place of ethereal beauty, mystery, and enchantment.

Offering a thorough account of Hawaii s ancient spiritual beliefs as well as the region's eerie regional folklore, HAUNTED HISTORY: HAWAII investigates the paranormal activity of some of the world's most spectacular islands.

Film Duration: 43 min