In 1945, as war rages across the world, an incredible drama is unfolding in the remote jungles of Borneo. It involves a group of stranded US airmen, Australian Special Forces soldiers, the local tribe of Dayaks and Major Tom Harrisson, one of the most eccentric officers in the British Army, who revives the ancient custom of headhunting in his campaign against the Japanese. What follows is a gripping and improbable tale of cat and mouse as World War Two crashes headfirst into the isolated world of Borneo"s interior, where tribespeople still hunt with blowpipes and poison made from tree bark. Thrown together in extraordinary circumstances, these ordinary people from diverse cultures will all be tested: the airmen who must survive in dense inhospitable jungle for months; the Dayaks, who risk their lives to help and protect the airmen; and Harrisson the anthropologist living out his fantasies, who commits what many consider to be a war crime but is decorated as a hero on his return to Britain.

Film Duration: 46 min