Panorama carries out an undercover investigation into previously unreported hooligan violence at soccer (football) World Cup 2006. The film follows England fans from Frankfurt to Gelsenkirchen and infiltrates groups of troublemakers. A record 170000 England fans travelled to Germany for the cup and the majority were peaceful causing no problems. But the worst rioting happened the day before the England vs Ecuador game. Police believe rioters consumed or threw about 17 litres of beer each in Stuttgart and 400 England 'fans' were taken into preventative custody. The motto of World Cup 2006 was 'a time to make friends' but undercover cameras reveal England 'fans' 'mobbing up' and singing songs about World War Two which visibly shock German police officers. But many told Panorama's undercover team that they were shocked at the singing and violence. One said: "If it makes England sound wild and proud then I suppose that's their ethos behind it but as far as you know 99% of the English fans that are out here have walked away from that pretty much instantaneously which is something that we never get credited for." Another said: "The Germans have been absolutely fantastic. You know they've bent over backwards to help everybody you know. They all speak English, you know, none of us speak German and we're all getting by. The police have been brilliant and everything, and all we can do is sing songs like that and it's not, it's not right is it?"

Film Duration: 59 min .