Evil, wicked, fearful beasts that s what people call hyenas. They look odd and are thought of as scavengers, eating leftovers fromanother animal s catch, so they re disliked. This is not fair to hyenas. And it s not all true. Families In theWild: Hyenas tells the hyena s true story. You ll see why lions are the kings of the jungle and hyenas are the queens. Hyenas killmore of their own prey than lions do and they have stronger jaws than lions. Hyenas are very good hunters whose specialty is the surprise attack.Watch as the hyenas of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania hang out with a herd of unsuspecting wildebeests. Suddenly, the hyenas strike! Hyenas have no fear of the much bigger wildebeest. But they are scared of some animals.Watch Families In theWild: Hyenas to find out whom. Find out, too, who rules the hyena clan. It s not who you d expect. Hyenas are intelligent animals that are full of surprises. Families In the Wild: Hyenas shares these surprises so that you ll understand these powerful animals.

Film Duration: 51 min