We talk to the victims of convicted rapist and killer David Jaggers. Jaggers raped his sister Vicky when she was just 12 years old and as a result she gave birth to their daughter, Kirsty.

She kept the rapes and the identity of Kirsty's father a secret for 18 years until she went to police. During the 18 years of silence, Vicky's brother, David Jaggers went on to kill his girlfriend Helen Mitchell and also was convicted of other sexual offences against women before his arrest after a police siege in 2005.

For the first time, David and Vicky's mother Avril talks about the impact this had on her and the family, plus we hear from Helen Mitchell's daughters for the first time, who were just four and two years old when their mother was killed in front of them.

With never before seen exclusive footage of police interviews with Vicky about her ordeal and featuring an interview with the arresting officer in the case, we reveal a story almost too shocking to comprehend.

Film Duration: 45 min