In 1908, a mysterious event occurred in a remote area of Siberia that literally rocked the earth. To this date, scientist continue to debate the cause of the incident.

On June 30, 1908 at approximately 7:15AM, a huge explosion occurred in a remote, mosquito infested swamp near the Tunguska River. A local reindeer herding tribe, called the Evenki, described seeing a bright, white light streak across the sky. They claimed the object, with a tail over 800 kilometers long, made no noise as it passed over the forests northwest of Lake Baykai. They heard 5 explosions, the second of which was the most powerful. The Evenki people sealed off the area, believing it was 'enchanted', and feared the gods must be angry at them.

But what was the true cause of this incredible disaster? Was extraterrestrial life the source of its origin?

Film Duration: 21 min