Most of us have seen ultrasound images of humans, but not felines. Get ready. Opening a window on the amazing journeys of two very different cats: the powerful lion and the domestic cat.

From the makers of the critically acclaimed In the Womb and In the Womb - Multiples, Rocket Rights presents In the Womb - Cats. Made for Channel 4 and National Geographic Channel, this film uncovers the incredible journey from conception to birth of the lion and the domestic cat.

Their time in the womb has uniquely shaped both animals. From the extraordinary shock-absorption system that protects lion fetuses during the hunt to the canals in a cat's inner ear that enable them to land on their feet -protecting them from almost any fall.

The cat family joined by predation, separated by size and skills. One built for the complexity of man's home; the other for the challenges of the open savannah.

Every whisker, every feature, every joint and limb sculpted by the world we call its womb.

In a television first using remarkable animation and photography, plus scientifically accurate models and extraordinary 4D ultrasound, we show a lion embryo for the first time, and cats running and stretching before birth.

From teeth strong enough to crack a brick to the inner ear that gives a cat such extraordinary balance. This is the story of how two very different animals emerge from life in the womb.