This is an unbelievable insight to the goings on in the justice system of the UK - Where it documents the deaths that have taken place in police custody, where reasons given for the deaths do not add up to reason, where cases of unlawful killing is the verdict of a judge yet no one person within the metropolitain police force has been charge even though the killer has be identified. The sad and tragic loss of life at the hands of the state has been totally covered up and hidden from the public, and not mentioned. The British police are responsible for hundreds of deaths but again I state no has been charge, The pain of loss that the families have endured, with no closure, is something many of us have no real idea of, and today they still want justice.

Winner National Social Justice Award 2003, Winner Best Documentary (Human Rights) - One World Film Festival 2003, Winner New Nation Campaign group of the Year 2004.

Film Duration: 01:37