At just 22, Senior Airman Barry is deploying as an Air Force Pararescueman (PJ) in one of the busiest and most dangerous regions of Afghanistan. After saying goodbye to his parents and flying into Kandahar Airfield, he's ready for the challenge. But a slew of fast-paced and tough missions test Barry's skills and ability to cope with the brutal realities of war. Luckily, he has experience at his side, Staff Sergeants Matt and Trevor, who help their new brother rise to the trials of his first deployment. Barry, Matt, and Trevor are part of a 13-man team whose job is to save the lives and rescue American and Allied forces in peril. Their assignment takes them from their families in the southern US to the front lines of the war that rival's the Vietnam War as the longest in US history. Once there, Barry teams with Matt and Trevor, two of the unit's more experienced PJs, with three deployments each under their belts. They start off the tour with Barry's first ever mission: an Afghan National Army soldier critically injured with gunshot wounds to the leg and chest. Matt leaves home at one of the biggest moments of his life, as his wife is expecting their first child. While family comes first for Matt, he knows what this job entails, and is more than willing to sacrifice himself to save another. While the others enjoy a break after the first rescue, Matt anxiously awaits news from his wife in the States.

Film Duration: 44 min .