Wherever the Cirque raises its Big Top - a grassy field on the outskirts of Brussels,a football field in Bogota,or a parking lot in Moscow– the Cirque's 'Spectacle of the Imagination' delivers breathtaking acrobatics,unforgettable costumes and music.But an incredible real life adventure-drama begins long before the show opens. This one hour documentary puts our audience in the shoes and boots (and even the trapeze slippers) of the men and women who pick up, move, unpack and build the Cirque de Soleil – from Command Central in Montreal, Quebec to all its venues around the world.

Cirque du Soleil expanded rapidly through the 1990s and 2000s, going from one show to 19 shows in over 271 cities on every continent except Antarctica. The shows employ approximately 4,000 people from over 40 countries and generate an estimated annual revenue exceeding US$810 million.

Film Duration: 43 min