50 years ago, an empire was brought in the making and now, 50 years in the making, McDonald fast food registers 50 million customers a day in 31,000 stores that have been opened all over the world. It is estimated in one financial year, McDonald food chains make estimated revenue of 21 billion dollars from the sales of various fast foods which are offered in the stores. These foods include hamburgers, fries, cheese and many others which are a major contributor to the revenues generated.
In America's most busiest and congested road interstate 95 Darien, 125,000 vehicles travel northwards each day. It is in this place where the biggest, busiest and most successful food store on the planet lies. The place is controlled and managed by its owner George Mitchelle where it runs for 14 hours a day. The store makes the largest amount of sales of its fast foods where thousands of people, children and adults get to get a bite of fries and hamburgers that are offered.
Behind the success of the McDonald's food chain is a time that lingers in the minds of the owners. In the year 2002, McDonald's registered its first quarterly loss in its revenue. This was as a result of claims from customers that they were being served with cold foods and of low quality. As a result of this dip in its sales and revenue, the stocks in the security exchange were getting hammered where each moment they were losing value. But after careful regroup, the stores came back to life again. This time the concern was the quality of foods that were being offered and renovation of its food stores. This saw the rise and resuming back to normal operations by providing high quality foods and generation of millions of dollars as profits and other revenues.
At MacDonald's food stores, before a food product is added into the menu, it undergoes careful scrutiny. This is where an analysis is made for up to 200 times on a food product so as to ensure it meets the demands of its customers. The analysis of food samples before they are added on a menu is viewed as a necessary step to determine the food quality. Through this, the food product is able to command and attract customers. All the products that are offered in McDonald food store even the hot coffees undergo the same scrutiny.
Today, McDonald's food chain has expanded so much to an extent where there are branches in china and numerous stores have been opened as time continues to pass. It has been said that half of McDonald's food stores are based in foreign countries distributed all over the world. But behind this great success, is a range of criticisms from health professionals. Like in America, the McDonald fast food stores are being blamed for the rising cases of obesity among children. Analysts argue that portion of sizes of food products has expanded as the stores have expanded in its operation. For example, there has been a 500% increase in meat quantity in hamburgers as compared to the past. Behind all these criticisms McDonald continues to expand opening new joints all over the world.

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